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Default payment received template is unusable

Dear QBO Community, 

The below is the text from a feedback note I sent to QBO:


I find the template for the PAYMENT RECEIPT so confusing to customers that it is rendered useless. Please, please, please listen to the many customers who've asked and make this template editable. Or, at the very least, please fix the default template!!! A customer wants to see and be assured of two things: 1) Their payment was received and 2) The balance due, if any. Your payment receipt falls short of both goals, using non-standard language and confusing accounting to create an ambiguous document. By contrast, the invoice template, once paid, has a very nice green PAID icon that displays. However, the invoice PDF is not the document that QBO automatically attaches from the payment receiving window in QBO. Therefore, to send a customer their invoice (marked PAID) you must exit the payment receipt window, click on the customer, click on the invoice, and then email from there. That's a whole bunch of unnecessary steps. Attached is a sample payment receipt in case you guys haven't looked at it lately. First off, why does it say "Balance = $2,850"? She's just paid off the $2,850, therefore the balance should be ZERO. Next off, why does AMOUNT CREDITED read as "$0.00"? I've just entered into QBO a check she sent for $2,850, so the amount credited should be $2,850. Then, what purpose does the TOTAL line serve? TOTAL what? Based on the amount that QBO puts there, it was apparently the TOTAL AMOUNT RECEIVED, but good luck getting an average customer to make that leap. Next, where is some kind of language letting the customer know the balance due? There is none. Only the aforementioned BALANCE field which displays the confusing total of $2,850. Finally, why on Earth is there a "SIGNATURE" line with a dotted line? Who needs to sign anything? I apologize for my snarkiness. It's a year's worth of frustration over the time I've wasted having to manually create and send my own sort of payment receipt. It's just a wonder to me how anyone could possibly think this half-baked, confusing template would help customers understand a payment has been received and credited. Please make us all love QBO again and fix the default (and/or make it customizable). Thank you!