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opening a saved file

I save a payroll summary report in pdf then when I go to open it it's formatted all wrong. I've done this before and never had this problem. I haven't changed anything. What could possibly be the problem. I updated Adobe acrobat and my version of Quickbooks, I'm at wits end.


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Good day, AV1963.


I appreciate you taking the time to perform the basic troubleshooting steps to get this resolved. Let's get your issue fixed so you can get back up and running in no time.


Since you've already updated your Adobe and installed the latest release of QuickBooks, I suggest downloading and running the PDF & Print Repair tool. This will recover your custom print settings, and can usually fix most common printing issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


Here's how:

  1. Download and run the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool.
  2. Once the tool completes, try the .pdf file-related task that originally generated the error.

Then, try saving a report as a PDF file.


If the issue persists, I recommend following other detailed steps outlined in this article: Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems.


From there, you shouldn't have any further issues in saving PDF files from QuickBooks.


Keep me updated on how it goes. I'm always around to help you further. 

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Reports and accounting

Can't save files in a PDF format

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

It’s great to see you in the QuickBooks Community, @Bruce Zimmerman.

Running the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool is one of the steps performed to resolve printing, emailing or saving a PDF in QuickBooks. This will determine if there are damaged files in the printer/email components of the software.


Before proceeding, update QuickBooks to the latest release. This is to eliminate known issues you encounter using the old version.

Next, download the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool. Once completed, try saving the PDF file.


You can get the link from the article I provided below. If it doesn’t resolve the problem, make sure you have proper permission to the Temp folder in Windows.


Let me guide you on how to check it:


  1. On your computer, press the Windows key + R to open the RUN command.
  2. Type %TEMP% in the field box and press Enter.
  3. Right-click an empty area of the temp folder, and choose Properties.
  4. Go to the Security tab.
  5. Ensure all usernames and groups showing on the Security tab have Full Control.

Once it’s set to Full Control, save the PDF again within QuickBooks. If it doesn't resolve the issue, you can continue performing the steps in the Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop article and go directly to Step 2.

This information should help you get back on track. If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to me. I’ll be right here to help.