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Filtering Open Purchase Order reports

I would like to create a report that is filtered by the Account the PO was charged to as well as the information typed into the Memo. 


Down the road I will need that report to be filtered by the Account that the PO was charged to and the person it was drop shipped to. 


I have created and filtered an open PO report that filters the Account number and it is fine. But when I try to add the second filter . . . Memo, absolutely nothing shows up on the screen. Not sure why.


Thank you in advance!


QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hi there, LSE.

Thanks for checking in with us today. Let's get this report concern straightened out for you.

You'll need to make sure that the Memo option is checked when you customize it for it to show on your report.

Here's how:

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Select on Purchases.
  3. Click on Open Purchase Orders.
  4. Click on Customized Report.
  5. Under the Display tab, type in Memo for the Column section.
  6. Click on Filters, then select Memo.
  7. Click on OK.

There you have it Memo field will now show up on your report.

Let me know how it goes. I'll be around to help if you need further assistance. have a nice day!

Level 4

Reports and accounting

Yes, that part works great. But when I go to filter multiple accounts and select the accounts I want to see. Everything disappears? :smileysad:

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hey there, @LSE.


Welcome back, and thank you for trying what @BettyJaneB recommended. Since everything disappears after you filter and choose the accounts you want to see, the next best course of action is to troubleshoot for data damage. The reason for this is that when reports don't populate properly, there's usually an issue with the information within the file. To troubleshoot this, you have a couple of diagnostic tools at your disposal: a rebuild and a verify.


These tools comb through your file, repair data damage, and diagnose anything that needs to be manually fixed. Here's how to find and run them:


Run the Rebuild Data utility:

  • Go to the File, then select Utilities Rebuild Data.
  • On the QuickBooks Information window, select OK. Follow the prompts to save a backup.
  • Select OK when you see Rebuild has completed.


Run the Verify Data utility:

  • Go to the File, then select Utilities Verify Data.
  • If you see QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, select OK. You may continue using your company file.
  • If Verify finds an issue with your data, you will be prompted to Rebuild Now or View Errors. Select Close, then perform the steps below.


For more on reports and incorrect data, see: Resolve incorrect or missing data on a report.

Note: This article also includes steps for troubleshooting data damage under the section "Possible data damage".


After running the rebuild and verify, try running your report once more. You should now be able to create a report that is filtered by the Account the PO was charged to, as well as the information typed into the Memo. Should you have any questions about this, or anything else QuickBooks, don't hesitate to seek me out here in the Community.