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Re: Split accounting for owner-occupied duplex

OK, Entering the mortgage portion makes perfect sense to me.  I had the entire HUD as a single Journal Entry so I changed it to create the splits.  I'm confused on the down payment entry, though.  I had a single credit against my checking account for the down payment.  If I create a new line with an offsetting debit to equity draw I'm unbalanced.


The down payment debits for land and building would total as the entire down payment.  If I add another debit for equity draw, what is that amount?  It looks like I'm creating an unbalanced entry with the extra debit for equity draw.


If the down payment is 100k and we're split 75/25 building I would create:

25k debit for land

75k debit for building

100k debit for draw

200k credit for bank??


I think I'm missing something.