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Re: New Price Increase



I appreciate your reply, but it just feels like a cut & paste lip service acknowledgement.


For small and medium businesses who are generating millions a year in sales, the cost of your services are not even worth mentioning. On the other hand, for the smaller businesses like mine, as well as freelancers and sole proprietors, these price increases really do hurt. Price increases are normal, and even expected sometimes, but no one wants to feel like they're being bent over a barrel. 


For me, Quickbooks Plus has been great, and I enjoy using it. I've been happy to pay for it at $540 a year, still alright at $645, but $755 a year? Not sure about that. We shall see.... I have 10 months before my next renewal to figure it out. Zoho Books and especially the revamped Freshbooks seem very compelling. The very top end of each of those services have some pretty sweet features and won't cost as much as QBO Plus. It's just due diligence to evaluate all this before paying up to continue using QBO Plus in 2020, when there will probably some sort of new price increase, if the trend of the last 3 years continues.