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Re: How to handle reimbursement payments for outside work?

Thank you QBsguru for the help.  I would classify myself as fairly green when it comes to QBs.  I can get around the basics but something like this I need in "first grade" terms.   My corp accountant wanted it where I use the cost of goods.   I have 2 issues that I am trying to understand how it flows in QBs. 

1.  Billing the HOA for the repairs.  Do I create an invoice in QBs for that? How do I make an entry in The HOA cost of goods. How do I handle the payment?  


2.   The second is the same as above but with the exception that my super purchased the mulch with his money and I had to reimburse him with a check first to him then I bill it to the HOA and go through the same as above.


I am confused on the flow.