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You’re closing it the way you should, @loriwark.

As Kristine Mae mentioned, invoices show as Paid once the payment is linked to it. A Closed status, on the other hand, appears on payments applied to sales transactions.

Here’s a screenshot for visual reference:


Below are the invoice statuses and their meaning:

  • Open: Invoice not sent.
  • Open (Sent): Invoices has been sent.
  • Open (Viewed): Customer viewed the invoice.
  • Paid: Customer already paid the invoice.
  • Overdue: Not yet paid and already past due.
  • Overdue (Viewed): Customer viewed the transaction but did not pay the invoice and is already past due.
  • Overdue (Reminded): Has sent reminder to customer for invoice already past due.

For more information, check out the status of invoices via email section in this article: Use e-Invoice

That should answer your concern for today.

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