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Re: I created a journal entry and saved. Now i can not locate it. What did i do wrong?

Thanks for joining the Community, @ccmachine. I'm here to lend a hand with locating the journal entry. 


One quick way to search for a transaction is to select the Magnifying Glass icon. Here you can see recent transactions and search for items using parameters such as amount. I've included a brief video to serve as an example:



Another option that you have is the Audit Log, which keeps a record of every transaction, including additions, changes, and deletions. If you're unable to locate the journal entry using the Magnifying Glass icon, I'd recommend using this tool. For additional insight into this feature and how to use it, please see the following article: The Audit Log: What it is, how to use it


Please feel free to let me know how it goes as I want to ensure you can locate the journal entry. Wishing you well.