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Hello again, @ksoupnator.


Thanks for sharing to us the outcome of the resolution steps given by my colleague.


To match the zero receipt to the bank deposit, make sure the service item's Income account is associated with a bank. This is because QuickBooks will match the deposit based on the line item entered on the receipt.


When creating a transaction, use the item and enter a negative amount to zero out the sales receipt.



If you haven't created one, let's go ahead and set it up in QBO. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon at the top, select Products and Services.
  2. In the Products and Services window, select New.
  3. Select the Service type.
  4. Enter the new product or service details in the field boxes.
  5. In the Income account section, click on the drop-down and select your bank.
  6. Fill in the remaining boxes and click on Save and close.

I'm also attaching screenshots to visually guide you.



Then, go back to the register to check it. If you can see the transaction, let's go ahead and match it to the deposit.


For future reference, I'm addting articles on how to troubleshoot bank data issue.


This information will help you match the zero receipt to the deposit.


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