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Re: Our vendor/supplier wants us to invoice them for the amount of a claim we have on one of thei...

Thank you so much for your help.  I've now made things a real mess!  I followed the steps as valderost gave me but I'm sure I did something wrong.    I entered on a separate line  (the value of our claim) while entering the bill, and deducted the claim amount from the line item we have the claim for, so that the total of the bill would remain the same.  Now,  in our checking account register, the claim amount is entered  as paid, as if I wrote a check for it.  This was done before I received your reply, there was no mention of a barter account in the answer from valderost so I therefore did not open one.  I entered the claim amount on the bill, entered the new "claim" account for the vendor under customer/job, and checked billable.  I was going to delete the "payment" from the check register, but thought maybe I would just remove the claim line from the bill itself and start from scratch, but that did not work and the checking is still showing the claim as paid.  Can you help me?  After I get through this mess, I need to know how to remove the claim invoice to show as closed/resolved after out vendor credits our A/P account for it.  We will not be receiving a check to clear it.