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Reports and accounting

BizPro is here to help. Are you working in QuickBooks Online or Desktop? This should be any easy fix. We specialize in property management, vacation rental management and accounting for both. Having been a property manager, primarily in Commercial and Multifamily since 2003...we've seen it all. I freelance now, assisting investors and managers, consulting and managing their accounting. Feel free to message me back or tomorrow you can give me a call. I'd be happy to ask a few questions, answer yours and try to walk you thought it and get you back on track. This b.s. about negative entries will be in the past. The trick I've always used is I create a Job/Project (depending on if you're in QB Desktop or QBO) under the property you are tracking, and Job Cost the expenses for the vacancy, just like if it were a another tenant. I like to name those by the vacancy date. This way all of your costs are in one place If they are billable back to the last tenant, we can set it up to track that too. I get help here when I need it....Happy when I can help. Get in touch tomorrow, and I'll see if I can take away that headache! :-) Regards, Michelle Hunnewell, BizPro (located in the Pacific Time Zone, with an EST phone number) [removed by moderator] [removed]) email: [email address removed]