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Import custom invoice data



QuickBooks Online Advanced.


I would like to import excel files worth of invoice data into my QBO account. Additionally, I need to create custom data headers fields in order to map my excel data fields. A lot of the excel data headers in my invoice data files will not align to the default QBO invoice data fields. 


Can someone please tell me how to import invoice data into QBO Advanced? I tried using the “Import Data” section and selecting “Invoices,” however, I get an error telling me that SalesTax is not supported and it will not allow me to continue to the import screen. 


Also, can someone confirm that the “Custom Data Fields” is where I need to create the data fields to use for importing my invoice data?


I would rather not use a third party application, and I’m hopeful I can accomplish this through using the QBO platform.


What I’m Trying to Accomplish:


I am attempting to automate an invoice and commission data entry process. Today, we have an administrative assistant whose job is to input this data manually. We use this data for reporting purposes and tracking orders across our account base for historical reference. We also use this data to understand our commissions outstanding balance that our manufacturer’s owe us (we are a manufacturer’s representative agency). 


I’m leas interested in accounting for these transactions from an accounting perspective, and more interested in logging sales and commissions.