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Re: New Price Increase

I love Quickbooks Intuit for the most part; it is easy to use and convenient for a small business. The problem I have with them is they lure you in with 6 months at 50% off. Then they raise the price. Then after that you are locked in with no discounts available. The increase their product pricing. I have had them for less than 2 years and they increased their price $240 a year. They tell me I can downgrade my plan. No I can't because I need the reporting for multiple locations. I don't need the inventory tracking, the project tracking or 5 users, but they don't offer an a la carte option. It is all or nothing. I am a small business and all their upgrades have not been things I need, but yet I have to pay for them. I have the Intuit Essentials Plus. At some point it is going to be more cost effective to have someone else do my books and payroll. The point of having Quick books in a small business is to be able to save money by doing things yourself. They are making this more costly. I would look at other software, but they have a lock on the market and they know it. If anyone knows of similar bookkeeping software let me know. I would be happy to switch if the price is right.