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Yes. You can use one email and user ID for all the QuickBooks Online companies you sign up to. When subscribing to a new account for a different country, you are required to enter an email address. If the system detects that it has existing ID, you'll have the option to either use the same access or have you create a different one.


Let me walk you through the steps:

  1. Choose your country here:
  2. Select a country. (Example: Germany)
  3. Click on Buy now or Free 30-Day Trial.
  4. On the signup page, enter your email address. If you see the "This user ID is already taken" alert, it means an existing account already uses the email.
  5. To use the same login, choose Sign In or Recover Your Account.

That should do it, I'm adding a few articles below for your reference:


Create or add another company

Sign in to multiple companies with one user ID


If you have any questions with the steps, please feel free to tap me anytime. I'm always around to help you get back on track.