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Re: Edited a customer address and Saved it. Now every time I pull up a customer name, it brings u...

Hi sandraf,


We can sort this experience by accessing your account via a private browser. This way, we'll be able to know if this has something to do with the browser you're using or not. I'll guide you through how.

  • For Google Chrome, press CTRL+SHIFT+N.
  • For Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, click CTRL+SHIFT+P.
  • For Safari, click the Safari menu and then Private Browsing

If it's fine, go back to your regular browser and clear your browser's cache to refresh your browsers settings.


Accessing your account using a different browser can be an option, too.


If you're experiencing the same results, please contact our Customer Care Support so we can investigate this and assist you further.


You might also want to check this handy article for future reference: Income and expenses for QuickBooks Online.


You can always leave a comment anytime if you have additional questions.