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Entering opening balance for credit card account

I recently took my first Financial Accounting and (separate) Quickbooks course at a local college.

I decided to try and use QB 2014 Pro to manage my personal finances, fully realizing the pros and cons of doing so vs. Quicken.

I want to start managing my Visa credit card and recording transactions for it.

My original thought, based on reading online and watching Youtube videos about same, was to enter my opening balance as the last day on my last statement, then I would simply start entering transactions to "catch up".  Then, at some point (next statement?) I would perform the reconciliation process.

The thing that made me hold off was a comment on the official QB support that said something like:
"enter the start date from the credit card statement *before* your company start date"... (I cannot find this exactly online now).
Well, my "start date", as far as I can understand from reading online, is really just the first transaction I entered, which was the opening balance for my checking acct on 10/21/13.

My current VISA stmt is from 10/25.

Is there any reason I simply cannot enter that date and balance as my opening balance for that account, and then start entering transactions?  I obviously do not want to go back a whole month to enter all of those transactions!

To sum up:
1.  Can I use my Visa statement starting balance date as the ending date from my last statement on 10/25/13, even though that is *past* my company start date?