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Where did unbilled time & costs come from?

I've been using QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for Windows. I just installed QuickBooks Pro 2014 for Mac. Given QuickBooks Simple Starts basic functionality, I put all expenses under Record Expenses -> Cash on Hand. The ones that I could bill for, I manually made an invoice for.

Now, in QuickBooks Pro 2014 for Mac I'm looking at the transaction center and seeing that I have a bunch of customers showing up under Unbilled Time & Costs. If I go to Reports -> Job, Time & Mileage -> Unbilled Costs by Job, nothing shows up on the report.

What am I doing wrong? How do I clear the Unbilled Time and Costs?
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I'm using QuickBooks Pro 2014 for Windows and have a similar issue.  When I started to create a new invioce for one of my clients, a window popped up saying that client has unbilled costs.  Everything that window lists has already been billed to the client and paid in full.  How do I clean this up?
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There should be a hide option from the time/cost window.
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Reports and accounting

Thank you!  I did find that, but wasn't sure if that's all I had to do.  I appreciate your response!
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I'm not familiar with Simple Start, but I gather you used a trial version of Quickbooks 2014 for Windows to convert the SS2008 file and subsequently to save it in QB Mac format to open with QB Mac 2014?  If not, repeat the conversion process to be sure you get as much of your data moved over properly as possible.

The Unbilled Time and Costs in the new Income Tracker is one of my favorite new features of QB 2014 for Mac.  But, yeah, if it is showing things that don't belong there due to the conversion, let's clean them up!

There are a couple of ways to go about the cleanup.  The easiest is the way you began with:  the Unbilled Costs by Job report.  Really weird that the report is blank even though the Income Tracker lists a number of your customers.  (And, you're sure that they ARE unbilled... you clicked the blue Unbilled Time & Costs button and each customer line begins with "Unbilled Time & Costs", right?)

With the Unbilled Costs by Job report open, it should be displaying all dates, but the conversion from SS2008 must have marked some things as "billable" that should not be.  Click the "Filters" button near the top left of the report window.  Uncheck the lines for Account and Posting Status.  Click the Apply button.

If your unbilled transactions now show up - just go through each one, double-clicking on the amount field to open the corresponding transaction where you can uncheck the 'billable' field.

If you still don't see the unbilled transactions, then there must be some kind of corruption in the data import.  Do a File > Utilities > Verify Data to make sure that's not the case.

Then... the slowest way to clean this up would be as follows if the above didn't work:

You cannot double-click an amount in the Transaction Center for these unbilled lines to get to the transaction.  Instead, use this tedious workaround:

1.  Hover your mouse over one of the lines in the "Type" column that reads "Unbilled Time & Costs".  You'll see a tiny round button appear with a ">" symbol.  Click it... and then click the "Create Invoice..." pop-up menu.

2.  You'll see a new Invoice window appear (ignore it - we won't record anything) - and on top of that will be the Choose Billable Time and Costs window.  All tabs will read $0.00 but you need to look at each tab to find the billable expenses - most likely under the "Expenses" and "Items" tabs.

3.  Let's say you found an entry under the Expenses tab.  Unfortunately, you cannot drill down (double-click) to the actual transaction.  You simply now know the date of the transaction and the vendor.

4.  Close the Choose Billable Time and Costs dialog for now (its modal - cannot do anything while it's open)... and switch to the Vendor Center, click the corresponding vendor and find the transaction date in the list of transactions (setting the filters to All Transactions / Show all / All Dates if not that way already).  Double-click the transaction to open up the Bill/etc window that shows an amount as Billable and clear the Billable checkbox.

5.  Repeat.

I don't know of any faster way of doing this (other than with the Unbilled Costs report).  Not something I've ever had a client have to do.  A shame that your data came through this way.

Good luck!

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Each line does begin with Unbilled Time & Costs and changing the filters didn't fix anything. Verify data checked out fine in both Simple Start and QB 2014 for Mac.

So, unfortunately, the only way that looks like it will work is the slowest way. :( The way I converted my data was to go from QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 to a trial of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010. I then imported that into a free trial of QuickBooks 2013 for Mac and then purchased QuickBooks 2014 for Mac. I just noticed that Simple Start has a convert to Mac option so I tried that with the same results. When I asked Intuit, they said that there wasn't a free trial of QuickBooks for Windows. Is that really true?

There's a chance that I just did my accounting wrong due to lack of knowledge and Simple Start's limitations. Simple Start doesn't have bills so I just entered all expenses under "Record Expenses" - Cash. For some of the expenses, I put the Payee as my customer. From seeing what came over as billable, it seems like I should have used a vendor instead. I had previously set up a vendor called "Business Expenses" since I think Simple Start has a limit to the number of vendors. I have so few expenses, I didn't care about seeing a chart breakdown by vendor of where the expenses went. From a quick glance, it looks like at least some expenses assigned to a customer came over as billable and at least some expenses assigned to the "Business Expenses" vendor did not. In hopes of being a bit more clear, the only examples I found of expenses in the unbilled list were those assigned to a customer. If they should all be assigned to the "Business Expenses" vendor, that should be a pretty easy fix to update in Simple Start and then re-import into QB 2014.

The second category of things that are showing up as unbilled are deposits. I'm guessing I probably messed something up here too. It looks like at one point I was assigning the Payee as the customer. Later deposits have the payee as blank.

So, if I just go through my Simple Start "Record Expenses" transactions and assign the payee for all expenses to my Business Expense vendor and assign all deposits to no payee, should that fix things or just create more trouble for me?

As far as billing, my process was record the expense and then manually create an invoice for the customer.

Thanks for your help!
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Whoever from Intuit told you that there aren't free trials (e.g., of Windows) was incorrect.  You can download pretty much any product from here:
<a href="http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/ProductUpdates.aspx" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/ProductUpdates.aspx</a>
(click the "Choose a Different Product" link)
for a free trial.  Ideally, one would use the same version on Windows as on Mac for the conversion process... so to convert a Windows file to Mac 2014, you want to download Quickbooks (Pro) 2014 for Windows, open your old Windows file there to upgrade it to 2014 format, then File > Utility to export it as a Mac 2014 format.

I know nothing about Simple Start, so someone else would have to help you there.  I never understood why the product existed... and I guess Intuit questioned it as well, since it was dropped after the 2010 version apparently.

It does seem that your original transaction recording in Simple Start is likely the problem.  A 'name' in QB can only be one thing - Vendor, Customer, Employee/Other... - and so by using your customer name as the Payee for your Bills in SS instead of the Vendor name (with the Customer as a memo perhaps since SS apparently didn't support Customer:Jobs) - things sound like they got very confused.  If you need that historical data, you would have to change every transaction to make your records per vendor and per customer correct.  Otherwise, you might want to save one copy of your file for historical purposes (with these errors/billables) ... and save a new working copy that you clean up by deleting all of the historical data and cleaning up your Names.  Or start completely fresh.  (??)
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Sorry for the delay. Took me a while to be able to go through my transactions. That worked and it doesn't appear to have messed things up. Thanks!