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Where do reimbursements go on chart of accounts

paying back an employee for a purchase

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Hi soothing51,

I'd be pleased to help you out!

When you reimburse an employee, this will go to the liability account called Employee Reimbursements. You can check this article for more details: https://community.intuit.com/articles/1145730-reimbursing-an-employee.

If you need to make sure you're doing the best accounting practice, please consult with your accountant.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Reports and accounting

I am both the owner and the employee.so my clients reimburse me. How do I show this is QB desktop 2017

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hi BK4lisamalik!


I will guide you in recording the reimbursement in your books. However, I can think of two things here:

  1. reimbursing yourself with the money borrowed from you as an employee
  2. reimbursing your business for the expenses that are billable to your clients

For scenario 1, you will create a reimbursement and add it to your payroll with the reimbursement amount. See more details in this article: Create a non-taxable reimbursement payroll item.




For scenario 2, you can make your expense billable to your client, like in the screenshot. Then, add it to their invoices, so they can pay you back. You can press F1 and search for billable time and cost for more details about this.


recording billable expenses.PNG

billable expense.PNG


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