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Reports and accounting

What a joke. Here is the Intuit timeline on this post:

4-17-2019: acknowledge Office 2019 still not compatible with Quickbooks 2019 products

4-22-2019: report there is no timeline to fix this

6-7-2019: they noted that they need to consider the stability before adding the latest version of Office

7-4-2019: they report this has been escalated to the payroll team

9-12-2019: they report the engineering team is working on this

3 weeks ago: they report that they are still working on it

To round this all out, upgrading to 2020 versions of Quickbooks also will not solve your issue since those version are also not compatible with Microsoft Office 2019.

This is absolutely unacceptable. My company has also been recommending Quickbooks to our customers for years. As noted above, perhaps it is time for a change.