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How do I clear an overpayment on an invoice?

I am using Quickbooks 2015 for Mac

A customer overpaid by $100. Therefore, I have a payment which shows $100 unapplied.

We issued a refund check, which is showing as a Check for $100 in the Customer account, which is posting to our Checking Account and debiting an account named "Refund."

But I cannot seem to find a way to connect the refund check to the $100 unapplied on the payment. I see no way to do this inside of the Customer Payment screen for that particular payment. Nor do I see a way to do that on the Check screen.

Since I did not create the refund check, I am not sure how the user did it. But when I enter the payment with $100 unapplied on it, I see no way to create a refund check or credit memo there.

Help?  Thanks in advance!