Reports and accounting

Hello there, arthure18.


I’ve checked on my end if we have an ongoing issue about this, but there’s none. Also, did you receive an error message when trying to send invoices?


I have other troubleshooting steps aside from what’s provided by my colleagues. 


First, let’s make sure that your QuickBooks program is updated to the latest released. There’s a possibility that an outdated program can cause some QuickBooks issues. I’ll show you how:


  1. From the Help menu, select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to the Options tab.
  3. Select Mark All, then Save.
  4. Go to the Update Now button, and then Reset Update.
  5. Select Get Updates.


Afterward, close and reopen QuickBooks. Then, create an invoice and resend it to your email.


Feel free to tag me if you still need my help.