Level 15

Reports and accounting

"and it wont take duplicate names . I also need to do it with employees need to be changed to vendors."

Set up the Vendor Names and use Braces, like this:

Smith, John {V}

Now edit the Checks you made payable to Customer name or Employee Name versions of people that really are Vendor Names subject to 10909-Misc and Change the payee name there. Once the Old Version of the name has nothing assigned, you can delete it.

Keep in mind: A business or person might be Both customer and vendor for you; that is common in "they do business with us and we do business with them" or "We sell through them and they keep a Commission, and I just learned the Commission needs to be entered as Paid to a Vendor Name."

For employees, their name is Fine on regular checks = Look in the payroll center at the transactions that are "non-payroll" such as, you reimbursed them for Donuts or Printer paper or paid Mileage under and Accountable plan = That does not turn them into Vendor Names, additionally to being Employee.