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How do I access the 'Project' box in the template on the Intuit service invoice template?

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Reports and accounting

Use Windows menu > Close All.

At the No Company Open, bottom right, open the Sample File that is "product-based." This is Rock Castle Construction.

Open the Customer Center. Look at how they are using Customer:JOB Names (like a hierarchy).

For example, if you are working on a project, this is not just for Cook, Brian. It is for Brian Cooks "Kitchen" = Project name. All invoices and job tracked costs are tracked as "Cook,Brian:Kitchen."

Pay attention to the COLON. All through QB, this represents a change in the hierarchical level:





Now, imagine having to explain all of this to Brian Cook. We don't have to. The program's templates will allow the Job Name to be shown as Project, in the Printout of that transaction's Form as "project Name" in its own field.

So, you need to be using Job Tracking, if Project is an important level of differentiation for your needs.

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