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Anything other than journal entries??

I have a lot of QuickBooks experience and loved the ease of setting it up and using it.  I started and ran a  business for 12 years using it the entire time.  However now I'm starting a new position and the person I'm taking over for is an accounting major and LOVES journal entries.  Almost everything as far as sales is done with journal entries. Then there's "reversals" etc.   I find this mind boggling as I am not an accountant but more of a bookkeeper.   What I'm wondering is instead of entering sales and deposits by way of complex journal entries if it wouldn't be acceptable to do this by way of a "sales receipt" then I'd just need to go to "make deposits" etc.?  Hope I'm explaining myself well enough here.  Id love to chat with someone.  I'm used to fully utilizing all aspects of QuickBooks.  What I'm working with now is kind of a mix of old school ledger sheets and journal entries as opposed to letting QB do the "accounting" work for me.  Seems like its is way more complex than it needs to be.