Level 15

Reports and accounting

"That's why I did a general journal entry in the first place."

Yes, the First JE:

Debit $110,000 for the Asset, which is either the Business (intangible) or Furniture, Fixtures and Inventory?

Credit $100,000 Owner Equity. Credit $10,000 Other Liability.

That is All you ever needed.

"I didn't pay for any of these transactions from the business bank account. So I couldn't click on write a check or create bill,"

If you posted to AP, you did the same thing as a Bill, but manually.

"because I paid for all the above transactions from my personal bank account, which I don't enter in QuickBooks."

Then each payment you made personally is:
Debit Liability
Debit Interest Expense
Credit Owner Equity

As I pointed out, you made a lot of extra entries, and quite a mess to follow. I believe we all have better things to do than run data in circles.

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