Level 15

Reports and accounting

"If I am an accrual basis tax filer simply writing the checks and not creating a bill would be unacceptable? These are checks for subcontractors by the way. They do not send me invoices which is why I want the detail on the check stubs."

Here is an example:

I run an accrual entity. We are supposed to pay a vendor monthly. They don't really send their bills regularly. I typically pay by Check.

This Feb, I got a statement showing they charged me (but never sent anything to me) for July, Sept, Oct and Dec; I had gotten and paid the other months. I do NOT want this all as Feb. This is an Accrual Basis Entity and those are  Monthly costs.

So, I enter Bills, one for July, one for Sept, one for Oct, and one for Dec  Now I have "accrued" or captured monthly costs. I paid in Feb, using Pay Bills.

I don't need to show Them what they billed to me; that is Their data. They already Know this.