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How to convert vendor to employee

I used to use QBmac which did not have manual payroll processing.  So, what I did, was set my employee up as a vendor, and I wrote them a paycheck that way.  I had a spreadsheet I used to calculate withholding, then I would take everything each quarter to my accountant, and he would give me payment coupons for the various withholding amounts.  

I recently switched to QB Pro 2016 for Windows and I'm working on setting up manual payroll(holy smokes they make it hard).  I've got everything set up, but now what I would *like* to do, is convert this employee's pay data into the Quickbooks Payroll.  So, what I have looks like this:

Vendor Name: (my employee)

A total of 18 checks were written to this employee, all for the *net* pay amount, and that was tied to me "Employee Wages" account (expense type).

Since this is my only employee, it seems like I could do the following steps to achieve what I'm looking for:

1. Rename my vendor from "joe smith" to "joe smith_v"

2. Delete all 18 checks

3. Set up "joe smith" as an employee

4. Re-enter all 18 checks through the "Pay Employee" interface(using the same check numbers)

Does that sound legit?  I've never paid through the "pay employee" interface, so I'm guessing you just enter in their hours for the pay period, and it will properly set up the paycheck, and increase the withholding liability accounts per the tax tables, etc.  Correct?