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Run your Reports menu > Employees & Payroll, Payroll Summ...

Run your Reports menu > Employees & Payroll, Payroll Summary report, set the date range to This Fiscal Year To Date, and if you pay weekly, set the columns to Week.

I see the pay period in your image is only 6 dates; be careful. Dates Matter.

"What is my next step?"

Once you confirm the existing data is correct, set up the next employee and start using the payroll functions for real.

Remember that for Manual Payroll, the tax items and the wage limits are not given any consideration; the data file that is set to Manual Payroll Calculations means you intend to manage and control everything.

For making entries, I showed two attachments for Paycheck Details. Look at the unshaded = this is where you make your entries. Notice on the right side of the one image, the word "adjusted" is seen; this tells you this has something manually entered or changed. Both your left and right sides will be Adjusted.

You can make calculations right in those fields, like this:
For Social Security:
Enter Gross $1,200 and then multiply by .062...

1200*.062 (then TAB or enter key)