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OK - pretty close to giving up.  Also, happy 4th.  I ente...

OK - pretty close to giving up.  Also, happy 4th.  I entered all of the employee checks in, and the amount Quickbooks calculated for payroll liabilities was different than the amounts my accountant had me send in (last quarter).  I'm frustrated and wondering if what I'm doing is even necessary.  Can I just not worry about this?  Let me explain my situation very clearly, and you can let me know if you think I'm being too anal about this and should just forget it.  

I only had (1) employee, and he is no longer employed with me as of May of this year.  The way I used to pay him was through an Excel spreadsheet which would calculate all of his withholding amounts if I just entered his hours in.  I would then take the net amount, and print a check using my QB expense account "Employee Wages".  Simple enough - right?  At the end of a quarter, I would go see my accountant, bringing him my home made payroll report, which showed all of the checks, gross pay, and all of the withholding amounts for each category.  My accountant would give me some payment coupons, and I would print out each check (MD unemployment, FED withholding, etc) using my Quickbooks Expense account "Payroll Taxes".  That's it.  That was my entire payroll operation.

Now that I have QB Pro which can do manual payroll, I plan on using it.  I'm also planning on hiring a new employee possibly this week.  From here out, I want to use QB's payroll feature.

My question is, do I even *need* to enter my ex-employee in the employee section?  Do I *need* to enter his YTD info, and all of the paychecks I wrote him?  Can I just leave everything the way it is, draw a line in the Quickbook sand, and move forward?