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You can , for record keeping outside of QB group together...

You can , for record keeping outside of QB group together like category assets purchased at same time for depreciation calculation. But keeping track of your depreciable assets and the yearly deduction is usually best outside of QB and just carrying total accumulated D in QBoston.

Here is the rub. Since 2013 when the IRS got hard nosed about de-minimis and set the $500 threshold they also said you cannot pick and choose, meaning as I see it, I'd you wish to d ed predicate 1 under 500 purchase you have to depreciate all of them acquired that year.

And you have to declare with last year's tax return how you were going to treat items this year. I don't know if this means that with no declaration that $1 items as well ad  $499 items are depreciated or expensed.

Unless this is inventory that might reasonably be resold in 12-18 months I would expense it and use a spreadsheet to keep track of it.

In fact after reading up a little I have to ask my CPA why I am placing $300 stoves and refrigerators  (replacements for apartments) as assets.