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"I have different sources" Customer Names, used on Sales...

"I have different sources"

Customer Names, used on Sales transactions. Then, for instance, make a Service Item for each Book or Song or Oil Well that results in why you are getting Royalties.

"that I'd like to be automatically marked as sales"

You list the Reason (the service) someone is paying you, on a Sales Receipt or invoice, using the Customer name = who is paying me, for which date, and why, and how much, and did I need to track they Owe me (invoice) or simply track the Payment arrived (sales receipt).

"and make use of it with other reports/graphs."

You don't use the Deposit as if that is the Sale. That is the Banking = the end result, or settlement from the sale. You use Sales functions, if you want Sales reporting and tools to give you Sales information.

"My bank cannot do this. If yours can, do tell."

My bank supports QB as "web connect" = I have to Download and save the file. Then, I read it into QB and use the Banking Feeds to match to my open invoices. Invoices = the date of sale, this was not yet paid. The Sales is end of month. I take 41 ACH payments on the 10th of the next month.