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Is it a mistake to use Inventory Parts and Inventory Assemblies if we really don't want to track inventory??

We are a small mattress manufacturer, and have used QuickBooks Premiere Manufacturing and Wholesale for the past 17 years, but ONLY to create invoices. We want to begin using QuickBooks to actually run our entire business, and are trying to figure out how best to do this.

Our goal at first was to enter all bills, checks, etc for all of 2017 in order to be ready on Jan. 1, 2018. However when our item list was created originally all of our mattresses (that we manufacture) were set up as Inventory Assemblies. The problem is we never utilized Inventory Parts, and therefore never entered a Bill of Materials for any of the mattresses (assemblies).

If we continue to try using QuickBooks this way (empty Bill of Materials) will that cause any issues with accounting and/or reporting??

Ideally we would track all of our components (foam, fabric, steel, etc) as Inventory Parts and actually properly build each mattress as an Inventory Assembly... but the problem is our item list is over 1,000 items and we simply don't have the resources to put this all together... plus we really don't care to track inventory! Our mattresses are made-to-order and ship within a day, so tracking inventory really isn't necessary for us.

So... would it make the most sense to create a new company file, turn off inventory completely, and create all of our mattresses as Non-Inventory Parts?? Or are we ok continuing with our current setup with Inventory Assemblies, but they have empty BOM's and we don't care about inventory levels at all?? (this would be great as we wouldn't have to redo our item list, or create a new company file)

Any insight into this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you!