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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

Hi to all-

I have been having an issue of getting a accurate Job Profitability Report on Special Order Non-Inventory items. I will outline the way we have been doing it (which isn't working), if someone can help me with how to fix "our" way or a far easier better way I would sure appreciate it.


I have setup a Special Order Item (SOMisc) in the Item List under the type Non-Inventory Part. We then create a Sales Order for the Customer and change the description to match what he is ordering. Also we change the retail price on the Sales Order. Then we create a Purchase Order from the Sales Order. Upon the item arriving we then create an Invoice and Receive the Item with a Bill making sure to have both the Invoice and the Bill having the same date. This way has worked in the past but now continues to give me an incorrect report. This is a cumbersome way of entry and would like a much easier route if there is one. Please advise on how to fix or improve.