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I need vendor credits to show on my unpaid bill list, as we use that as a check register for our locations . Can this be done ?

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Hello @everson-ap,


Available vendor credits will be shown in the credit applied column if you click on the vendor's name. Let me show you how to get around this.


  1. Go to +New, then Pay bills.
  2. Mark the box next to the vendor's name, then hover your cursor next to the Credit Applied column to see the available credits.
  3. Click Save.

You can also view the credits from the vendor's transaction list page. Here's how.


  1. Go to Expenses, then Vendors.
  2. In the Find a vendor or company field, type the vendor's name.
  3. In the Transaction List page, click the bill to open the transaction. You can also click on the Action drop-down and choose Make payment.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Bill Payment screen to see the Credits.
  5. Hit Save and close.

I've added screenshots at the bottom.


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You can also check this link to know how to pay a bill using credit or debit card.


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