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In QB online, when I go to Expenses and click on the Supplier tab, nothing happen. It's like it's deactivated or now working. Was working up to few days ago. Any idea?

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

It's probably you're experiencing browser hiccups, TandemFDS.


When you visit a website, the browser stores the information. Once it overloads, it causes unexpected behaviors. 


We'll perform some steps to fix this. Let's start with accessing QuickBooks Online through a private browser. This is the right place to identify web issues. Here are the shortcut keys:

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N

If the Supplier tab is working, let's go back to the main browser, then clear the cache. It's good to periodically clear them out to prevent the system from acting differently. 


On the other hand, you can use a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


You can keep us updated after trying these steps. We're just around to help you.