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How can I check if I have double entered expenses

QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hi @mlpowell608,


Let's get rid of your duplicate transactions. Follow the steps below on how to delete an expense. 

  1. From the menu on the left, click on Expenses, and then choose Expenses.
  2. Click the No. column to sort it.
  3. When the Expenses populate, it toggles the numbers in ascending and descending order.
  4. Check for duplicates and then make sure all details are matched.
  5. In the View/Edit drop-down menu, select Delete.
  6. Click on Yes to confirm that you'd like to delete the transaction.


Now that we've removed your duplicate, if you need more information on managing your expenses, take a look at how do I track my expenses?


Please keep in touch with me here if there's anything else you need. Thanks for reaching out.