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Reports and accounting

Let find your expenses, leonardperrymoto.


We’ll talk about expenses on the Banking page and in the bank register. If you can add more details of the scenario, that would be a lot helpful. We'll be with you through the process until we know what happened so we can get them back.


Bank transactions:

If the transactions were in the For Review section on your Banking page, please check the Excluded section to see if they are there. The transactions could have been excluded, that’s why they are missing from the said section.


Bank register transactions:

Bank registers have a Filter function which let's you hide transactions within a specific period. Please check to see if you have an active filter and clear it if there is.
active filter.PNG


Check the Audit log report:

The Audit log report will list the historical changes of a transaction.

  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Audit Log.
  2. Set the date range. The date refers to the logs 
  3. Click the Filter drop list and select Transactions.
  4. Choose Show: All transactions or Deleted/Voided.
  5. Select the account where they should post and hit Apply.

Feel free to reach out about the status of your search.