Level 3

Reports and accounting

We have a similar issue where we got a physical check as a refund after an over-payment had been made to a vendor.  We entered the check as a deposit to Accounts Payable and entered the Vendors Name in  Received From.  We did the receive payment and applied it but for the longest time we could see a negative amount when we looked at the vendor center and it would also show up on the Home Page in the "Vendors to Pay" as a negative amount but not it's gone and we did nothing new or different. When we run an open balance report we don't see the amount anywhere and if we view All Transactions in the Vendor Center  it's not there; however, if we change the view from All Transactions to Balance Details we see an entry with a negative amount which is the same amount of the over-payment and the check and the balance shows as $0.00. Is this as it should be?  Should we not see the amount twice, once as an over-payment and once as a refund or is this correct?