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"I have previous mileage, income, and expenses from before I signed up for QB. How do I add them?"

QuickBooks Team

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Let me help you get started with your QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) account, @susimeade1.


QBSE is designed for self-employed individuals to track their business-related transactions. 


To add your business miles:

  1. Go to your Miles page.
  2. Click on the Add trip button at the top. 
  3. Set the date and add the total business miles on the Distance column. 
  4. Don’t forget to add a trip purpose.
  5. Click on Save

Here’s more information about the Miles page and vehicle info settings


Then, you can manually add those income and expense transactions: 

  1. Go to the Transaction menu and select Add Transaction.
  2. Add all the necessary information.
  3. Select the best category that suits the transaction.
  4. Click Save once you’re done. 

See this article for more information: Manually add transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Here’s a guide that can help you: QuickBooks Self-Employed Overview.


Let me know if there’s anything that you need with your QBSE account. I’m always here to assist. Have a great rest of the day!