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Tracking lead sources in QuickBooks Desktop is available by entering the details as additional information in a customized field. In QuickBooks Online, you have to option to add the details under the Notes column on your customers' information and simply include the column when running a report.


To the lead of sources details:


  1. Click on Sales at the left pane, then select Customers.
  2. Tap on the customer's name from the result.
  3. Hit on Edit beside the New transaction section.
  4. On the Customer information window, go to the Notes column, then add the information from there.
  5. Select Save to record the changes. Repeat the steps for the rest of your customers.


To run a report with the details added:


  1. Click on Reports at the left pane, then select Customer Contact List on the search field.
  2. Go to the small gear icon beside the export icon and select the box beside Note.
  3. The Note column is now added with details on how your customers find you.


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