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Warranty Period Custom Fields

I am creating the books for my company.  We manufacture wind turbines.  The legacy system is Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  We provide a warranty for items we produce.  I understand how to book and account for warranty work performed and received.  I would like to know where and how to add a warranty date custom field(s), start and end, so that my service department can see the items purchased by the customer and what the warranty dates are for those items.  

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Welcome and thank you for posting here on the Community page, @jason6young.


I'm glad to guide you with detailed steps so you'll be able to add the Warranty Date field when creating transactions for your customers.


To be able to add the field, you have to create an additional field to any of your customer's information, then add the field created when recording transactions.


To add the field to your customer's information:


  1. Tap on Customer Center from the Customer menu.
  2. Click on your customer's name under Customers & Jobs.
  3. From the Edit Customer window, go to the Additional Info at the left side, then click on Define Fields.
  4. Enter Warranty Date under Label, and put check-mark to where you want to use this label. For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you have the option to click on the What kind of data? drop-down and select an option you want.
  5. Tap OK to record the field added.


When creating invoices or sales receipts, you can now add the field added by following these steps:


  1. On the Invoice or Sales Receipt page, click on the Formatting tab beside Main, then select Customize Data Layout.
  2. Go to the Header column under the Additional Customization page.
  3. Put a check-mark on the box beside Warranty Date under Screen or Print if you wish to include the field when printing.
  4. Hit OK to save the customization.


For additional reference about using and customizing form templates in QuickBooks Desktop, read this article.


Get back to me by adding a comment below if you have any other questions. I'm a few clicks away to help. Have a good day!


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Thank you.  That answered my question