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Purchase order and bill

I need to create a PO for a vendor, but the bill of this PO would be for a different vendor.

For example:

I buy products from Best Buy, so my item shows Best Buy as a Prefer Vendor, but I make the payment through Paypal Credit, so I have 6 month to pay it.

So I want to make the PO with Best Buy as a vendor, but when I will receive the item received, I would like the bill as Paypal Credit.

Any ideas?


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the bill is not paypal credit, it is best buy

paypal credit is the way you pay for it, a loan in other words


set up the paypal credit account as a credit card type account in the chart of accounts, then pay for the purchase using that credit account.  Payments to that credit line are made using the paypal credit account as the expense (reason) for the payment

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glad to help

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I have a similiar situation.  I order a product from one vendor, however the bill for it comes from another vendor.  How can I link the purchase order to the bill when they are two different vendors?

Any help with this , will be greatly appreciated!


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Thanks for joining us here, Donna.

I’d be glad to help sort things out and provide further information about linking purchase orders to deposit.

The transactions created in QuickBooks are attached to one specific vendor, customer, or employee. This means the purchase order and bill you've entered can only be linked if they are for the same vendor.

The option to connect two transactions from different suppliers is unavailable. You need to select which name you want to associate these entries so you can link them.

To do so, you’ll want to either edit the name in the Purchase Order to match with the bill or add a bill with a name similar to the existing PO.

In case you wish to edit the PO’s name, here’s how:

  1. Go to Expenses in the left panel, select Vendor.
  2. Choose the name of the vendor, then make sure you’re in the Transactions List tab.
  3. Locate that specific transaction.
  4. In the Choose a vendor field, change the name.
  5. Pick Save and Close, and click Yes.

If you opt to do the latter:

  1. Go to the Create button (Plus icon), then pick Bill.
  2. In the Choose a vendor drop-down, select the Vendor’s name as the Purchase Order.
  3. An Add to Bill section will show in the right side of the transaction.
  4. Choose Add in the Purchase Order.
  5. Click Save and Close.

You can also check out this article for more details about how the Purchase Orders work in QuickBooks Online:

Enable and use Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Online

Click the Apply a purchase order to a vendor/vendor transaction link to learn more specifically to this issue.

Though the option you need is not currently available, this gives you a few options on how you can still link your bill to the purchase order.

Please let me know if you have questions with the process. I'll be around!