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When Customers underpay an invoice

Recently I had a customer pay only part of the total of my invoice. When I entered that payment, I changed "payment amount" to the underpaid amount. "original amount" and "amount due" stayed the same.

When I saved this, the invoice was marked as paid in full with no balance remaining, which is incorrect.

Is there a way to enter a partial payment on a customer invoice, and have the invoice reflect only partial payment?

I feel like it used to work this way and now is different. 

QuickBooks Team

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Yes, there’s a way @juliavdw.


However, any partial payments entered won’t reflect the invoice. Instead, this will show on the customer's information together with the balance total.


Here are the steps to record a partial payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Choose Customer Center.
  3. Select the transaction then click Payment at the top.
  4. Enter the partial amount in the Amount field.
  5. There must a checkmark on the transaction then Save.


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