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Desktop vs QBO

I have a small bookkeeping practice, and have been utilizing the the 5/$5 month wholesale QBO for my equally small Clients.  At $5/month I can easily absorb the cost.  Unfortunately the promo is ending and the price increasing 5 fold per client.  Far too much for me to absorb.  Therefore, I've been transitioning client billing over to them before I get hit with the increase.


One of Client has been a desktop QB user, but has allowed me to set up their second company under my QBO umbrella.  They love it - BUT now it's going to cost them $70/month to maintain the features they've come to enjoy (Class tracking/Budgets) but are not available in the more reasonably priced QBO versions.


Should I advise them to switch back to Desktop?  Their 2017 version of the QBDT is about to sunset.  However, the cost of replacement seems much less than $70/month.  Which QBDT version will provide Class and Budgets?


Thank you!