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How to make A/R accounts inactive

I have a handful of A/R accounts with a $0 balance that I would like to make inactive. I know how to do it, but when I select "Make Inactive" I get this error message: "This account cannot be inactivated because there are transactions in it that have a non-zero balance."


Again, they all have a $0 balance.

They each have 2-10 transactions in them from almost 20 years ago.

None of the transactions are linked to inactive accounts.

They are also NOT: Accounts used by a product or service, Income accounts that have un-invoiced charges, or Accounts that QuickBooks needs (as was referenced in another thread naming accounts that can't be made inactive).

They are plain and simple A/R accounts that have not been used for many years.


Is the ONLY solution to go through and delete all of the transactions within the accounts? That seems insane and bad practice.


Why are A/R accounts with activity seemingly impossible to make inactive?