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What is the best practise of managing low stock and our of stock inventory?

I have lot so flow stock everyday and sometime 100 items a day, everyday I made the PO to make sure I can refil them. If you look at the low stock or out of stock tabs there are still mix of the items I have ordered and the coming new items that recently low stock and out of stock. They are not coming up on top or giving any indication that the items been ordered or to figure out the new low stock items need to look into as they are mix together.
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It seems like just by reading your post, you're handling Low Stock level report the right way.


My only suggestion I have is to download this to excel and work on it for more data.

Normally, I just download this report on a regular basis and revised the spreadsheet with the following update:

  1. Quantity on hand
  2. Quantity on PO (add a column from middle gear)
  3. Revised Quantity Level Status (1+2)
  4. Reorder Point Level Set
  5. Managing Inventory = Revised Quantity (3) minus Reorder Point (4) 

This's how I would watch the inventory control.





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Thanks for reaching out, @Sombo.


At the moment, there isn't an indicator on the Low Stock or Out of Stock Tabs to tell you if items have already been ordered. For now, you'll need to manage this information in your own preferred method. I know that this is an important feature for you and your business, so I'll go ahead and submit this idea to our Product Development Team for possible implementation in future releases. We take feedback seriously, as it's what helps us grow.


In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye out on our blog for any updates or news about QuickBooks. 


Here's another great resource on inventory in QuickBooks Online you may want to check out: Set up and track your inventory in QuickBooks Online


Feel free to reply if you have any other questions. I'm here as your number one resource for QuickBooks Online. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Thanks for all who took the time to respond and shared. 

I can share with you how painful it is to look into it every day when it is pilling up. I hope things will get better. 

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