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How do I remove a bill I posted. I posted the figure entirely wrong.

I put the decimal at the end such as 123456. instead of 1234.56
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We remove the bill from the vendor's transaction list, tichenor.


I'll show you the easy steps:

  1. Go to the Vendors menu and select Vendor Center
  2. Select the vendor's name we posted the bill. 
  3. Under the Transactions tab, double-click on the Bill
  4. From the Bill window, we can either modify the number to its correct amount or click the Delete button from the menu. 
  5. Select OK to confirm if we opt to delete it.
  6. Just click Save & Close and select Yes to confirm the changes made. 

The Audit Trail report will help us identify any changes made to a transaction such as entering, deleting or modifying it. Just go to the Reports menu and choose Accountant & Taxes to select Audit Trail


I'll be here if you have further questions. Have a great day!

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Reports and accounting

Only delete or void (another option) if there is no bill at all or you simply need to record it paid via check entry.


You can edit any part of a bill and save it unless it was originally posted in a now closed accounting period - in which case you could not edit or delete