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Fixing Uncleared Transactions in Quickbooks Online

Feel free to ask me questions in case this is unclear (pun not intended).


When I first linked Expensify to our QBO, it was going the individual expense transactions were imported. However, to pay the employees, I manually typed in the amount, let's say  $10,000 to the Reimbursements field of QB Payroll and in the notes referenced the expense reports. (Sidenote we fixed future transactions by creating in Expensify/QBO an account called Reimbursable Expenses - now when it posts, they wash through, with no manual entry by me).


The problem is I have about 6 "transactions" under the old system. If I were to press delete, I would lose all of the individual expense entries for that $10,000 expense report. While I do not mind redoing the work if I must, I want to make sure that is the right approach. 


Otherwise, those transactions will forever show up on the uncleared report of the rec report.


Thank you for any guidance!