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Expenses are changing categories after being saved and added. For example, I may categorize as "Inventory" and save it, then upon review it is now "Travel Meals". Help?


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Hello there, @mike191,

Unexpected behaviors in QuickBooks Online are sometimes affected by web browser issues. Have you tried entering these expenses in a private window?

This doesn't save any data in the cache making it a great place to check for browser problems. You can use any of these keyboard shortcuts to launch a private window on different browsers:


Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  

Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P

Safari: press Command Shift N


If it comes out correctly there, go back to regular browsing then clear the browser's cache. This method removes the cache history to start with a clean slate.


Leave an update in the comment section below. I'll be right here  if you need additional help. Have a lovely day!