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If I added medical plans to my employees, how do I add it on here so that their share can be deducted from their pay checks? Also, do I need to add it anywhere else?


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You've come to the right place, @psfmasonry.


You can setup a health insurance deduction and contribution in QuickBooks Online to track this. A deduction is an amount paid by an employee and deducted from each paycheck. A contribution is paid by the employer and often counts as additional pay or wages. Check out how to setup the deduction or contribution below:


  1. Go to Workers, then Employees.
  2. Find and choose the employee's name.
  3. Hit Edit next to Pay.
  4. In section 5, click Add a new deduction or Add deductions.
  5. From the Deductions/contributions dropdown menu, select New deduction/contribution.
  6. Choose a Deduction type and Type from the small arrow icon.
  7. Enter Provider name(appears on paycheck).
  8. From the Amount per pay period icon, go to $ amount or % of gross pay and enter the $ amount or percentage. Do the same for the Company-paid contribution as applicable.
  9. Select OK, then Done.


If you'd like to learn more about deductions and contributions in QuickBooks Online Payroll, I recommend checking out: Add or edit a deduction or contribution


Shoot me a reply if you run into any other questions. I'll be here eager to help. Have a good one!